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New UVA Politics Lab Probes Violence in Post-Conflict Societies

UVA’s new Department of Politics Experimental Lab was officially launched in the spring semester and aims to identify and understand the coercive effects of violence in civil wars and insurgencies and how civilians react to violence in their communities.

It’s No Game: Experiments in Conflict and Violence

Todd Sechser, P.I., and Abigail Post, Project and Lab Manager, presented preliminary findings from their laboratory experiments in conflict and violence to an audience including John Luginsland, a technical adviser in the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), and Rana Ganguly, Director of Sponsored Research and Development from UVA's College of Arts and Sciences. Sechser's research tests assumptions about how being exposed to violence can shape our behaviors and actions.

Bargaining and Military Coercion: A Conversation with Todd Sechser

Todd Sechser, Associate Professor in the Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics at the University of Virginia talks about his important new article in Journal of Conflict Resolution, “Reputations and Signaling in Coercive Bargaining,”  his next book with Matthew Fuhrman, Nuclear Weapons and Coercive Diplomacy (Cambridge University Press, 2016), and why the United States has such a poor record at coercive diplomacy. Todd also provides advice for young scholars in international relations.

Is the Iran Nuclear Deal a “Good” deal?

Todd S. Sechser is Associate Professor of Politics at University of Virginia specializing in questions of international security, talks with Les Sinclair about the details.

Threat-Making and Reputations in International Politics

Todd Sechser is a Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia and a former fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and talks about threat-making and reputations in international politics.

Airstrike Effectiveness in Iraq and Syria

Todd Sechser is an expert on threat making and reputations in international politics.  He’s a professor of politics at University of Virginia and former fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He joins Les Sinclair to discuss the strategies on Syria and ISIS and airstrikes effectiveness.

Consequences of American Spying

Todd Sechser joins Les Sinclair to discuss the implication of American international spying coming to light.  Sechser is a professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, and is a former fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Todd Sechser Joins Wina Newsradio Network

Todd Sechser joins the show to discuss interntional politics.

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